Informal Art, Experimentation and Ethics

Inspired by the ancient pagan tradition, I choose to live respecting what I find on my path, aware of the consequences of my actions in every daily gesture.

I live into wild nature in Italy, silence are source of life for me, so my personal form of expression needs to be in harmony with this. Earth, air, water and fire are the elements of pagan culture and at the same time what allows one to express oneself with peace in the heart.

Using basic papier-mâché and cob oven techinics, I reproduce a sculptural material based on mineral and vegetal matter, reducing the environmental impact as much as possible and excluding plastic, petroleum products or animal products. And I also regenerate apparently unusable things allowing them to become an artwork in a natural way. 

My goal is to push for the reuse of old things. I create panels or sculptures by recomposing fragments of glass, mirrors, metals and everything that I find suitable for my vision. I want to represent what can emerge from what we constantly abandon on our planet.

Colors and shapeless structure characterize scraps and sewage that oxidize and mix over time. Paradoxically, I use the healthiest and most natural waste materials and the brilliance of metallic materials.

We all have a role in this life and an impact on the planet, the responsibility for the future is ours.



Frederick is a soul of gold, of precious metal that covers now inanimate envelopes.
Wood, metals and acrylics.
[2020 – cm. 95x50 ]



Nissa, the "war of mirrors" between
France and Venice.
Clay paper and fragments of mirrors on wood.
[2020 - cm. 120x60]



Desire, the longing to break rules.
Objects, acrylics, metallic pigments on fabric and cardboard.
[2020 - cm. 95×60]