Ca’ Del Vento

In a place on the border between the plain and the mountains, between earth and sky, between sacred and profane, the Atelier is a space of life and creation that transcends ordinary living; it is an intimate place of elaboration where the artist preserves his own individuality while exposing himself to a research audience.

Here, home and studio become a temple, a sacred place, a solitary refuge where the creative process is consummated and celebrated but at the same time an open view on the world, aimed at changing perspectives, artistic experimentation and declarations of intent.

The history of the house is intertwined with the story of an artist and the reality in which she lives and produces, a strategic place and catalyst of creative energies, an artistic laboratory also conceived as a creative and social project aimed at putting guests in dialogue around an exchange of knowledge. An open air studio where to be and create, not just a physical place but a course of work that is expressed through the act of living.
For those who choose our experiences, the atelier offers a privileged perspective on life and on the artistic creative process in which to participate in the everyday life, projects, experiences and initiatives of the resident artist with a spirit of enrichment and sharing.



Immersed in the Emilian hills, on the border with Tuscany, the house in the woods of Scascoli is an atelier and at the same time also an open-air exhibition gallery, as it wishes to enhance the area by directly offering artistic experiences in nature. 

Within the walls of the village, our guests have the opportunity to enjoy art while it is being created, savor it displayed in the outdoor environment, photograph it and experience it in nature, creating a creative journey.




The atelier is also an opportunity for direct and practical knowledge and experimentation of art for all those who wish to do it.
By providing knowledge and peculiar natural materials, the artist makes different experiences available to give free space to their creativity in a context that is both collected and wild at the same time. In this way, the guests themselves create works in nature that will enrich the landscape.




Finally, the opportunity is offered to experience the artistic residence in which the individual artist can retire to this place of quiet and meditation to develop and produce their individual works outdoors.

From the emotional encounter with a timeless place and with the surrounding views, in this escape towards decentralized areas, in search of a rhythm of life in tune with the times of the creative process, the artist can reconnect with reality, escape from distracted priorities and rediscover a sense of cohesion between art and life by establishing a strong connection with inspiration.